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Jameelah E. Hayes, Program Manager for Engineering

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TRAC™ PAC 2 has seven self‐contained modules featuring professionally developed curricula that meet national standards of learning. Modules are designed for students in middle school science class or in high school physics or computer class; students will bolster their knowledge of basic linear motion, basic circuits and boolean logic.  Each module contains the equipment, software, and supplies needed to perform hands-on activities.

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RIDES is a K‐8 Module that provides the teacher with a curriculum aligned with National Standards for Math and science as well as technology resources for each hands-on lesson. In addition to the curriculum, teachers receive the following durable and consumable items in a large storage trunk to complete all the hands‐on activities. Click on the links below for more information:

RIDES Brochure

ALIGNMENT:  RIDES & The Next Generation Science Standards (1)

ALIGNMENT:   RIDES & Common Core Math Standards (2)




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